Granite Mountain Storage is thrilled to announce we are  a licensed UHaul dealer.  This relationship with the nation's leading moving rental company supports and strengthens our commitment to make your move as easy and stress free as possible. We are your trusted source for all of your moving and storage and rental needs: * Our knowledgable and friendly team will guide you through choosing and aquiring the perfect storage unit, supplies and rentals for your needs. • We will rent you a truck or trailer of your choice. • Our contactless process allows you to rent a truck and storage space online without visiting our facility until you pick up your truck or trailer and/or start storing your goods. Find out how at: • Monthly storage payment available at: • We also provide contactless rental truck return. • We have boxes, tape, moving blankets... All your moving supplies at everyday, competitive prices. Call for more information or assistance: (801) 840-2222 or find help online at: If you prefer to meet us in person for a tour of our state of the art facility and storage units, you are welcome. For your safety, we clean and disinfect reguarly, according to COVID-19 guidelines. We look forward to hearing from you soon. ...

Micah Harman
May 16th, 2020


Moving Tips

Moving is a stressful ordeal and often involves storing your possessions for a period of time. Even if you’re not storing your valuables these tips will make moving a little easier, a lot more organized and less stressful. 1. Plan ahead! Don’t wait until the last minute to pack. Start early and pack one box a day in each room. This will help you stay organized and give you plenty of time to label and color code boxes. 2. As you prepare your house for the market, box up unused and unnecessary items like knick knacks and clutter from counters and surfaces. Store your boxes and unnecessary furniture in a secure storage unit. This will help make your home show-ready and feel open, increasing the chance of selling quickly, for more money. 3. Announce your move and share your new address with a card to your friends and family. 4. Make a map of rooms and layout where furniture and boxes go. Keep this with your color code sheet and use it to guide and reduce stress on moving day. 5. Take picture of connections on computers, TVs and wifi routers to guide you as you reconnect in your new home. 6. Don’t pay to move or store what you don’t need. Have a yard sale to de-clutter. Put the proceeds toward storing what you do need. 7. Use small boxes for heavy items like books and big boxes for light bulky items like blankets. 8. Designate an area (i.e. room, closet or out-of-the-way wall) to store boxes as you pack. As boxes are filled, put heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top. 9. Write the room or location of each box on the sides not the top. Now you know what is in the box without unstacking them. A list of contents will help account for everything and reduce time searching for items. 10. Color coordinate moving boxes by room or contents with color ...

Micah Harman
November 13th, 2019



The last thing you want as you prepare to move is more frustration. Finding a safe and secure place near you to store your valuable belongings is often at the bottom of your list of delightful fun during these stressful times. Granite Mountain Storage is dedicated to providing you the smoothest, easiest experience possible. We’re here to help and we’re coming to your rescue with these 5 reasons why storing at Granite is the right thing to do. 1. State-of-the-Art Security: Our 32 surveillance cameras (4 times more than most other self-storage facilities) cover entire facility in high definition. All of our exterior doors on our interior storage units have alarms alerting our on-site security monitoring system each time a door is opened. Unique PIN coded access gates keep everyone but our tenants our and your possessions safe within. We offer 24 hour access to our Ultra High Security units. 2. Top-of-the-Line Temperature Controlled Units: Beautifully designed and constructed to the highest standards of safety, security, permanence and quality, our temperature controlled units keep the temperature comfortable to protect your valuables against extreme temperatures. 3. Convenience: The latest technology allows you to manage your account on line. We have everything you need to properly and safely organize and store your belongings and our everyday low price for locks, boxes, bubble wrap and tape make your storage experience a breeze. We’re close to you so you can keep your belongs near and accessible and we offer extended hours so you can access your unit when it is convenient for you. 4. Money-Saving Referral Program: Our new customer specials make it affordable to move in and to thank you for your loyalty, we give account credit for each referral you give us. We also give the new customer a discount. When you rent, you’ll receive a set of referral cards. 5. We’re Experts in Business Storage: We have the experience and solutions to solve any ...

Micah Harman
October 11th, 2019