6 Strange Things Found In Storage Units



When someone defaults on their storage unit rent, the owners of the facility have the right to auction off the contents to the highest bidder. Oftentimes the buyer will purchase the secured unit before cutting the lock and seeing what’s inside. Imagine the surprise of these treasure hunters when they discover some of the strangest items in their newly acquired troves. #1 An Electric Chair The circumstances are still unclear, but according to Rentcafe, an electrical execution device ended up in a personal storage unit at Oz Moving & Storage, a company that has facilities in New York, Northern New Jersey, and California. There is, undoubtedly, a fascinating story behind the chilling discovery, but that remains to be seen. #2 An Amputated Leg A North Carolina man who bought a barbeque smoker from an abandoned storage unit at auction was pretty shocked when he found a human leg inside of it! According to the BBC, the man called the police, but once it was determined that the leg had not been removed as part of a crime, it was sent to a funeral home where the owner, discovered to be Mr. John Wood, could pick it up. Mr. Wood had his leg amputated in 2004 after a car accident and was keeping it in the storage unit so he could be buried with it after he died. #3 A Dead Body In 2012, a Florida woman revealed the whereabouts of her deceased mother’s body in a deathbed confession to her daughter. According to the Tampa Bay Times , when 95-year-old Ann Bunch died in a nursing home, her daughter, Bobbie Barnett Hancock, hired someone to help her transport the body from the morgue to a storage unit. Although Bobbie claimed she was kept from burying her mother’s body due to poor weather conditions, her ex-son-in-law doesn’t buy it. He claims the unusual arrangement was likely a result of Bobbie’s hoarding tendencies. #4 ...

April R.
March 5th, 2023



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