What Not to Store in Your Storage Unit

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April R.
February 7th, 2023

What Not to Store in Your West Valley Storage Units It's easy to think of storage units as catch-all spaces where you can stash away any item you’re not currently using. This leaves a lot of options on the table, and a lot of room for mistakes to be made. So, before you shove everything in and dust off your hands, read this list of ten items not to store in your West Valley storage units to avoid bigger problems down the road.
#1 Live Plants or Animals Storage units aren’t built to house plants, animals or humans. Many of our storage units are temperature controlled which means they provide shelter from extreme temperatures. However, living organisms need fresh air and sunlight to thrive. Storage units are not suitable or safe for any living thing.
#2 Perishables Foods with expiration dates, no matter how far in the future, should not be stored in your storage units in West Valley. This can attract bugs or vermin to your unit, and to neighboring spaces. Furthermore, perishables will often mold or rot, leaving a big stinky mess that will cost hours of clean-up later.
#3 Candles This is one that gets overlooked a lot because it’s not so obvious at first. But, think of candles in the same context as perishables. The wax is soft and malleable, and subject to melt in hot climates. Imagine your grandmother’s couch covered in candle wax!
#4 Cash Although Granite Mountain Storage offers top-notch security, there are safer places for stashing cash and other currency. Keep monetary items in a safety deposit box or safe.
#5 Batteries Batteries are full of liquid toxins that are prone to leaking through the casing when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. No one wants to be the cause of toxic chemicals floating around the environment.
#6 FireWorks Let’s be real, anything that has the potential to explode, probably shouldn’t go unattended. Try buying only what you need for every celebration and enjoy them all at once. You can always buy more fireworks next year.
#7 Guns and Ammunition There are safer places to store guns and ammunition. Gun shops and shooting ranges are specially designed for the safekeeping of firearms.
#8 Broken Down Vehicles Any vehicles in the storage unit must be fully operational, as well as licensed and insured. This is not the place to fix up your Grandpa’s old sports car.
#9 Items With Strong Odors Strong smells, even non-food smells, can be attractive to pests. Keep strong smelling items in air tight containers, or consider storing them someplace else. Odors have a way of permeating through neighboring objects as well. No one wants all of their belongings to smell like pumpkin spice latte all of the time.
#10 Illegal Items If you have illegal items in your possession, then you have bigger problems to solve than what to put in your West Valley storage unit. It’s time to examine your life choices. Your moral code is ultimately up to you, but don’t store stolen goods in a rented storage unit.