The Top Tips for Storing Items for the Long Term


Micah Harman
February 10th, 2022

The Top Tips for Storing Items for the Long Term

Sometimes it’s best to put items into self storage for a long period of time. Whether for the summer or winter season, several months before you transition into a new home, or even years or indefinitely, storage units can alleviate some stress. However, there are a few tips you will want to utilize when storing items for the long term.

1. Decide What to Store and Make a List

Your first step should be deciding what to store. To save on space, go through all your items and see if there’s anything you no longer need. Once you’re preparing for storage, go ahead and write a list of all your items. You can even add details such as their current conditions or even take pictures.

2. Pack Properly

Make sure all your items are packed in sturdy containers or packing boxes. While you can take a quick trip to the grocery store for extra cardboard boxes, for long-time storage it’s recommended to use professional storage boxes or containers.

3. Purchase Insurance

When putting your items into storage for long term, it’s recommended you buy insurance. Sometimes you can purchase insurance when renting a unit as a whole. If this isn’t the case then at least purchase insurance for high-value items such as vehicles or appliances.

4. Have Someone Check on Your Belongings

If you’re unable to check on your belongings yourself, you can have a friend or family member check on your items from time to time to make sure everything is fine.

5. Use the Right Storage Service

Lastly, you will want to make sure that you use the right storage service. Services like Granite Mountain Storage offer units that are climate controlled.

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For storing items long term, you will want to make a list, take out insurance, pack properly, have someone check on your belongings, and use the right storage service such as Granite Mountain Storage. They have plenty of great units available at affordable prices. Contact them today to get started!