7 Benefits of Choosing a Temperature-Controlled Storage Facility


April R.
July 6th, 2023

There’s no denying that Utahns are subject to some wild weather and extreme temperatures. That’s why choosing to store items in a temperature-controlled storage unit in West Valley will have several benefits you won’t want to miss out on.

While most things are safe to store in any storage unit for a limited time, some items are more prone to damage if not kept in a temperature-controlled environment. We’ll talk about these more sensitive items a little later. First, let’s discuss what temperature-controlled storage units are.

Temperature-controlled units are kept at a consistent temperature of 50-80℉ using cooling and heating systems. This is important for protecting items from damage due to humidity and extreme temperatures. For example, if you store electronics in a unit that is too cold, you run the risk of damaging the internal components due to condensation. Similarly, if you store furniture in a unit that is too hot, you may cause the wood to warp or crack. Temperature-controlled storage units help prevent these issues and ensure that your items are protected.

Here are the top 7 benefits of using a temperature-controlled storage unit in West Valley.

Protects Items from Humidity

Moisture is a serious threat to items such as furniture, clothing, books, and collectibles — often causing irreversible damage to them. Humidity is a sneaky element too, because it can cause harm right under your eye, and you won’t even notice it's happening until the item is severely damaged. Temperature-controlled storage units in West Valley keep moisture low to prevent mold and water damage to items such as books and important paperwork.

Provides a Consistent Climate for Collectables

Exposure to cold temperatures can damage collectible items such as electronics, and those special bottles of wine you’ve been collecting. Temperature-controlled storage units provide a consistent climate away from extreme heat to protect your most precious belongings.

Protects Clothing you Want to Store for Long Periods of Time

Moisture and insects are the greatest threats to stored clothing, but there are other culprits too. Exposure to sunlight fades color in fabrics and excessive heat can wear down the fibers. If you need to store clothing for a while, it is best to store them in a temperature-controlled storage unit. The cool, dry climate keeps clothing in good condition for longer periods of time, and since the unit is indoors, bugs are less likely to get in.

Keeps Furniture in Good Condition for Longer

Furniture can also take a beating when exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity. This is especially true for wood furniture and musical instruments that are prone to warping. Artwork is also sensitive to the elements. Of course, nothing lasts forever, but your furniture can last a lot longer when stored in a temperature-controlled environment.

Keeps High-Value Items Safe

If you’re considering storing sentimental items, or things that cost a lot of money in your West Valley storage unit, a temperature-controlled facility is your best bet. You don’t want to take any chances with old photo albums and grandma’s antiques.

Safer for Long-term Storage

Most things are safe for a month or two in a regular storage unit, but if you need to store items away for longer periods of time, it’s worth it to use a temperature-controlled unit. The consistent temperature and moisture control add an extra layer of protection for storing your personal belongings.

Cost Effective

While temperature-controlled units cost a little more than regular storage units, they save money in the long run by protecting your belongings from damage caused by extreme temperature fluctuations.

Items Recommended for Temperature-Controlled Environments

As promised, here is a list of more sensitive items that definitely need to be stored in a temperature-controlled storage unit.

  • Furniture
  • Clothing and fabric
  • Musical instruments
  • Electronics
  • Antiques
  • Important paperwork
  • Artwork
  • Household appliances
  • Books
  • Computers